Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Party Party Party

well the party is continuing over at Shimelle’s online party class…and i have even managed to stay caught up so far…

Prompt one: was to use strips of patterned papers on your page and use these strips from scraps of paper…well as you all saw in my last post i have a few scraps that i need to use…so here is the result even using older stickers and embellishments also

Prompt two: was to use patterned paper as your background… now i don't mind doing this occasionally but to challenge myself even more i decided not to use any cardstock what so ever…again i used a few older products on this page such as the tape…

cant wait for the next prompt to arrive this afternoon….more scrapping coming up


Monday, 17 October 2011

Pretty Paper Party

woohoo the Pretty paper party has started with Shimelle.. the first challenge was to take some pics of your papers and sort out what sort of paper person you really are… well i read the prompt and i have to say I'm a bit ashamed of myself as i seem to have a rather huge addiction to pretty patterned papers LOL… i found that i was in all the groups and here are pics to prove it

The paper Collector:
sheree phone 063
as you can see a rather large collection of patterned papers and that's not all of the collection…

The Scrap Sorter:
sheree phone 064
Again this is only a small part of my scrap paper collection… Don't know what it is with me having to keep all the extra cut off bits of the patterned papers… i cant remember the last time i used any of it but still cant get myself to throw them out…

The Pattern Contender:
sheree phone 066
again these boxes hold more of my favourite patterned papers… those papers that i buy cause you never know when that perfect photo will come along to use with them (although some of them have been sitting in my stash for more then 12 months waiting on that perfect photo LOL)

The Collection Packer:
sheree phone 065
when i find a company i really like i have to have it all… the entire collection otherwise i get really frustrated when things don't match…

see just a slight addiction to patterned paper…its so so pretty… lets hope this class will teach me how to use up some of this pretty patterned papers…

cross fingers for me..


Thursday, 13 October 2011

Update time

Well another update time i think…

Down Under projects i have done recently…i was lucky enough to get some of the new grand calibur dies to use for my projects and of course to use in my new favourite die cut machine the grand calibur…but when i got these dies i realised how big they were and i had no where to store them…so this is the folder i came up with after searching and searching online for ideas…


love it this is one of the pages inside this folder i have used magnet sheets and cut them into strips to hold the metal dies onto the paper…it seems to be working so far although the folder is very heavy now LOL

step 3 adhere and add to folder

i forgot to take a pic of the grand dies in the folder will do that soon to show you how they fit in there also….

The other project up on the down under blog is my Halloween card… even though we don't celebrate Halloween here i love it…this was just a simple card i made using some spellbinder dies..


Onto other normal day life things… Kaitlyn is finally home from a week at her dads… she is now back at school and we are back to normal routine…only a few more weeks of dancing for her then its over for another year…apart from dt work not a lot of other scrapping has been done…must get out of this slump I'm in…i did just sign up for another Shimelle online class so hopefully that will pull me out of it for good…(or should i just clean up my room maybe that will get me scrapping again LOL)…

ok off to get organised for work