Tuesday, 9 December 2014


time needs to slow down... Jaxon is now 1 month old and i really don't know where that time went to... he is becoming very aware of all around him now and he follows things around when i move them...growing up so big and i still love getting in all the cuddles i can now until he gets too big for mummy time cuddles LOL

hoping he will always love mummy cuddles...
it was my birthday last thursday...another year older but thats ok as i have the best family to grow old with now...i got very spoilt by hubby and my gorgeous kids and of course my wonderful man made me my favourite pavlova for my birthday cake it was yummy...

on saturday we went off to kaitlyn's physie christmas party that was held at the pools... was very proud of my girl getting a trophy and new sash to carry all her medals on... it was a warm day so it was lucky we spent it all at the pools and even Jaxon got to have his first swim in the big pool
ok off to be creative (or try to be LOL)