Sunday, 12 October 2014

Work in Progress projects...

Its starting to get warm here and I'm loving it... October already and the year is nearly over....still got lots to look forward to which i will be able to share in the next few weeks....

But with the warm weather its been fun getting out and enjoying the time in the sun... we have been doing lots of gardening around the house with our vege garden now planted and growing nicely... just have to do a bit more with the front garden then it will be nice again...its good that it is now daylight savings so much more light in our days to get the things done that we need to get done.... Kaitlyn was even a loving daughter and washed my car....

crafty wise not a lot happening... trying to get a few crochet projects completed that have been sitting here for a while now.... so this weekend I'm planning on trying to finish off one of those WIP's (bathurst car racing is on my hubbies fav weekend, so its good to sit and watch that and crochet at the same time)....

ok so I'm thinking i have to write a list of all the projects that i need to get completed... it could be a long list so i might write it here then i can see how I'm going

  • finish of ellie the elephant crochet project
  • complete more of the chevron crochet blanket
  • start mini album
  • finish crochet socks
  • wedding album complete some more
  • complete some more cross stitch of teddies

ok thats it for now some of those are big projects to get finished and some are just a work in progress for a long time i think LOL... one day ill catch up with everything and be able to start all the nice new things i want to start... (must stay off pinterest till all these projects are nearly completed lol)

ok back to crocheting...till next time