Monday, 13 August 2007


Thanks to Niki who nominated me as a

i feel very honoured so thank you Niki... apprently now i have to nominate 5 other people who i think are rockin girl bloggers as well so here goes:


so i think that is what i have to do... go check out their blogs some awsome work on there....

ok not much else to report... im much happier now... thanks girls for your comments... but i think im over it now LOL... had my angry day and now im fine... back to normal you could say...

well i have 4 night shifts in a row this week... so not looking forward to that yuckkk... oh well i just bought the new harry potter book so i may take that and read it LOL....

ok off to finish off some other things before picking up dd from school...

have a great week everyone



Zarah said...

THERE you are, hun! I couldn't get here from your profile - but I managed to Sherlock Holmes my way here. ;)

Thanks so much for the tag - that's the sweetest! You rock too - so I definitely agree to the person tagging YOU!

Thanks, also, for your super sweet words. Know that I feel the same way about you!

Alison Shearer said...

Thanks chicken. Not sure what I do with the Rockin' Girl blogger Status but I'm happy to go with the flow!!!

I LOVE your car - I have convinced Rebecca we should get one for our next car - she is so keen she asks me about it all the time now!

Your Los are, as always, gorgeous.

See ya soon


silvergirl said...

Glad things are looking better for you today Sheree! And you truly do rock!!!