Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Big news

well thought it was time for a catch up….

Firstly i better share my big huge news that I'm so excited about…i have just been accepted onto my first ever manufacturer design team… woohoo I'm so excited for the next 8 months i will be working with these gorgeous stamps


i cant believe that i have been accepted onto this team….yeahhhhh

so on to today Bee and i decided to go on a thrift shop shopping trip…we got some really good stuff that I'm wanting to use right away we hit the junk shop and then onto some Vinnie shops for lots of bargains… i got a whole doily tablecloth that i am planning something with very soon so will share that when i can… found some very good bargains here are some things i got


and here is bee hiding in all the junk


so in scrapping news I've done a few scrappy things lately apart from classes that is….these are for the sketch crop over at my sketch world


so that's about it… I'm off to do something crafty I'm in 2 swaps so best get those done asap



Danielle said...

Do tell what junk place that is...and where did you get those music sheets from? I've been looking everywhere for some!!

sheree said...

Its the one down the road from your house...thats where i got the sheet music from i found them in a much do you need you can have some of mine since im such a lovely sister ROFLMAO.....