Sunday, 24 February 2013

High School

I totally forgot to update and tell you all about Kaitlyn and High School…

So she has finally started high school and she is loving it…its good that she has gone to a school with most of her close friends which makes it so much easier for her… she is loving all her classes and is settling in well with having to deal with different classes and changing all the time (she has only gotten lost twice LOL)… homework is another thing which we need to get in a routine with… so much more this year and trying to get her to do it on time is a struggle lol…. oh the packing of her school bag each night we just wont go into that LOL….


She looks so grown up in her school uniform… my little girl so big now….
But she is doing well bringing home two certificates already…very proud of my girl and i really hope that the enthusiasm lasts..

ok the day is very overcast so its scrapping time for me trying to catch up with my project life which ill take some pics soon and update that as well… only 3 weeks behind now ….

till next time


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