Friday, 1 February 2008

Everyday journal and other things...

well im actually nearlly caught up in my everyday journal woohoo lol... here are some more pics of my pages... i really have to look for something else to put it in.. im finiding the book im using is way to small i have only done one month and its already bursting... think i may get one more month out of it and thats it.... anyone else doing this journal??? and if so any suggestions on what to use??? ok here are my pages

i have also been on a card streak latley making lots of cards very simple and quick to make.. found this great card site that gives you inspiration for cards a day lots of fun... here are my recent cards that i have made

ok im off to some friends at starbucks for coffee and a chat..have a great friday everyone...

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Alison Shearer said...

Sheree - your journal is looking fabulous. I want a copy of that picture of us at Belinda''s good! I have no idea what you can use - what about that recipe book Jen got from Kiki K - it's not cheap though. Or a little ring binder - A5 size??? Hope you find something.