Friday, 12 December 2008

what happened to summer??

OMG i cant believe how cold it is today... what happened to it being summer time nice hot weather... today its freezing and raining... but that does mean perfect scrapping weather yeahh...

so i have decided to sit and scrap lots tonight and this weekend while kaitlyn is at her dads... while watching my favourite show ever Prison Break... my sister bought me season 3 for my birthday so this weekend i think im going to have a prison break marathon starting from episode 1. I could watch this show over and over again i love it...

So i thought i might make a scrap list of things i want to get done this weekend

* catch up on christmas journal 8,9,10 and 11
* complete scrap word pics page (make sure you go and check out this months challenge)
* make my christmas cards
* finish off a christmas present
* make another christmas present...
* complete the card sketch over at Creative Scrappers

ok so to do these things i must get off this computer LOL...
hope you all have a fun weekend

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