Wednesday, 23 May 2007

Im liking this...

yeah im finally getting the hang of blogger and im loving it... hows my blog looking everyone....

do you love my new banner thanks to the gorgeous Donna who paitently showed me how to make my own banner in photoshop....she is a very good teacher (she must be if she can show me how to do something in photoshop LOL)... thanks again Donna your the best and I love my new banner....
oh and if someone out there that has blogger there are 3 things i need to know

#1. How do you get rid of the stupid spanner and thingy next to my things in sidebar
#2 How do you put a link in a post but only have the name as the link???
#3 How do i get rid of the blogger thing up the top of my screen also

Ok if anyone can help me that would be great thanks

well i must be off I have the next 2 3am starts at work... but oh well.... my mojo has slowly started to come back to me i did finish off the competition pages for the LSBS comp so was happy with that....
ok be back later
ciao xxx


Melanie said...

Hi Sheree, firstly I don't think that anybody else can see the spanner. I certainly can't on your blog yet I can on mine so if I was to look on Peter's laptop, Im sure it wouldn't be there. Its an easy edit button, try going into your edit bar and see if you can turn off "quick edit."

Secondly, when you type a work in the post, there is a button next to the italics which is the link button. Highlight what you want linked and press that button, you might have to assist if your adware stops it (mine does). You will then see a box pop up and you paste the code in there. So any work you highlight will be the work linked.

Thirdly, I have no idea how to get rid of that bar but I know it is helpful to get back to dashboard quickly so it is useful.

Your banner looks great, you should be very proud of yourself for making such a funky header.

If I can be of anymore help, yell out.

Princess Tamara said...

Yeah, what Melanie said!! lol